AROGI Non-profit Civil Partnership (ΑΜΚΕ) was founded in 2007 and according to its founding purpose, the scope of the company concerns the wider spectrum of social, economic and environmental issues. It is officially registered in the records of NGOs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the records of the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity.

Since its founding, AROGI AMKE emphasized on the field of humanitarian and development aid, undertaking and implementing important projects either independently or in collaboration with other NGOs. The main goals of these projects was the transfer of knowledge and sustainable practices, the providence of educational seminars and vocational training, the support of social marginalized groups within National and European frameworks

At the same time, AROGI AMKE aims to promote volunteerism with particular focus on establishing democratic institutions and transparent practices that contribute to social cohesion.



Activities of AROGI AMKE have been implemented or are ongoing in collaboration with relevant agencies and institutions such as

  • the Greek Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Welfare
  • the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport
  • the Greek Ministry of the Interior
  • the General Secretariat for Gender Equality,
  • the General Secretariat for Youth
  • Local Governments First and Second Degree
  • Chambers
  • Agricultural Cooperatives


A significant number of actions of AROGI AMKE has received praise and awards, as it is characterized by a high degree of quality and expertise in accordance with the equivalent European standards. This is also demonstrated by the high volume of the projects that have been successfully completed with substantial participation of the civil society.

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