The areas in which it operates ASSISTANCE NGOs are:

Promoting volunteering idea in general and the creation of volunteer groups, which then special education will offer their services in the event of exceptional natural phenomena and in organizing and implementing the event of significant social, cultural, sports and other activities.

The provision of emergency humanitarian food and development aid to the populations of developing countries (mostly actions contributing to economic and social development of these countries, particularly in health, education, basic social infrastructure, as well as the strengthening of institutions and promoting respect for human rights ).

Wider dissemination of the principles of democracy in the European Union, the Balkan region, developing countries and Europe to maximize personal, political and economic freedom and the enlargement of the right of every individual choice.

The study and research in Social, Political, Cultural, Economic issues and the natural environment that aims both to identify the relevant specific problems and the development or proposals and solutions, and the strengthening and consolidation of civil faith in the value of democracy, the free market and private initiative in a parliamentary system with democratically organized parties Authorities.

The promotion of European Unification within the relevant existing treaties and expressed wish of the European Union Member States.

The cultivation of strong links between the Hellenic Hellenism and the Greek diaspora and wider view of Greek culture.

to undertake activities to build and strengthen institutions, democratization and promoting respect for human rights, equality of opportunity between different social groups, social inclusion and integration of specific target groups (eg political refugees, members of minority groups, returnees, detoxified people, people with disabilities, ex-prisoners, specific cultural groups, etc.) and gender equality.

The training – training of human resources and strengthening civil society in developing countries and the awareness and visibility of developing countries’ problems in our country. The culture and promote the principle of vioanaptyxis which should govern the educational, economic, social, cultural and professional lives anthropon.

Prokeimenou to achieve the purposes for which it operates, the company organizes meetings, lectures, seminars and open discussions relating to social, political and economic issues. also, made ​​either in drafting research – studies in theoretical and empirical level, polls common opinion and the drafting proposals of solutions to similar issues, whether on-site investigations of political, social, cultural, economic problems (locally) as an indication, local government issues of settlements and inhabitants, quality of life and study perivallontos.

Oi these studies, as well as scientific findings, advice or services are sold by the company either free or cover the expenditure, legal or natural persons or groups of persons who accept and apply the company’s principles its activities included aiding study, particularly young scientists and students, who, according to the discretion of the Administration Committee, show remarkable abilities and active interest for the purposes of the company.

It collaborates and exchange views, information and findings and any kind of moral, material or scientific assistance to other legal persons and unions , institutions and natural or legal persons, domestic or foreign, that pursue the same or similar purposes and are interested in including the Diaspora organizations and institutions incorporated and operating in the US, Canada, Australia and elsewhere.

Finally, active in publishing and publications scientific books, collections of informative material, conclusions of meetings, discussions and other forms.

Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2019

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